The significance of day care institutions for children’s creativity

In the last few years the political and economical debate in Denmark has been focusing on the necessity of innovation in society to ensure development and growth in the future. In relation to this debate the the Union of Early Childhood and Youth Educators in Denmark, BUPL focuses on creativity in day care institutions.

Creativity is an important agenda for BUPL because creativity represents a necessary prerequisite for personal, social and societal growth and innovation. Creativity is also pivotal since BUPL members, pedagogues and leaders, play a central role in promoting children and young people’s creativity and development learning…

At the European Creanet Conference last week holden  at the University of Klaipeda in Lithuania, creativity has been discussed theoretically and empirically in relation to pedagogical praxis in day care institutions in 10 european countries.  As associated partner to the Danish network participants at the University College Lillebaelt in Odense, the Union BUPL was represented by me.

My contribution concerned some theoretical assumptions on creativity in relation to play and pedagogy related to an international research review covering the field of creativity in child care services,  initiated by the BUPL and realized by professor Lene Tanggaard, University of Aalborg.

You can read my presentation: Daniela Cecchin. The significance of day care services for the development of children’s creativity

© Daniela Cecchin, may 2012

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