Professional Pedagogical Leadership

A new approach

The new approach, called Professional Pedagogical Leadership, is characterized by connecting pedagogical developmental theory and leadership experience with classic leadership theory in one model. Professional Pedagogical Leadership takes into consideration that pedagogical institutions are complex social developmental institutions with the socio-political objective to take care of children’s socialization and education. Pedagogical institutions constitute at the same time working places for pedagogues cooperating in a professional pedagogical environment.
These and other aspects describe the complexity characterizing pedagogical institutions. How must approaches to leadership of pedagogical institutions account of this substantial pedagogical core?
The contemporary political philosophy on how to lead and manage modern  public institutions rests on the assumption, that leadership is a profession in itself thatcan be performed adequately regarding the professional context.

From empirical studies BUPL knows, that pedagogical educated leaders combine their pedagogical knowledge with their managing competences when performing leadership.
Thereby the four classic aspects of management (economy and administration, strategy, profession and personnel) are transformed into a pertinent approach incorporating pedagogical elements suitable for pedagogical institutions.
Professional pedagogical leadership seriously challenges the fact that any leader with  unquestionable managerial skills and abilities are able to lead a pedagogical institution.

Pedagogical institutions as objects for leadership: Daniela Cecchin, BUPL 2009.

Professional pedagogical leadership: Daniela Cecchin og Mikael Wennerberg Johannes, BUPL 2009.

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